We grow no less than 4 kinds of vegetables – squash, cabbage, celeriac and beetroot – on 400 acres of some of the richest farmland in Quebec for market gardening.


We have equipped our farm with a logistics system that organizes and manages the actual shipping of our products on a daily basis. This system, which we continue to perfect in light of technological advances, has certainly proven its worth. It is the foundation of our efficiency and our reliability in all of our operations linked to the shipping of our products all over North America.


The efficiency of our logistics system has enabled us to acquire a new level of expertise and to offer an additional logistics service as a liaison between market garden wholesalers and large grocery chains, for whom we offer repackaging of products destined for the consumer.



Once harvested, most of our vegetables are stored in controlled-temperature refrigerators. We have the right equipment for each type of product. Thanks to the strict control of the ventilation, humidity and temperature of our vegetable warehouses (parameters that are checked daily), our products always benefit from optimal storage conditions. These methods, adapted to the particular qualities of various vegetables, were favoured to ensure the highest quality of our products.


Michel Riendeau Farms has a large volume packaging capacity, which allows us to act as an intermediary between wholesalers and retailers. The result of the process is monitored daily in our warehouses. In addition, our packaging is specially designed to maximize the preservation of the flavour and freshness of the vegetables. Both healthy and safe, they meet the highest standards of the industry, from the field to your table.